Google Presentations Training

There are many amazing uses for Google Presentations and I know they can be well utilized in the classroom.  I was looking around online and found one teacher who loves the online presentation format because

Instead of my students sitting passively watching a student’s PowerPoint presentation, a presenter publishes their presentation online.  In the Computer Lab each student logs into a Google account and accesses the presentation URL.  I allow students to participate in the chat during the presentation as long as their comments are about the presentation, they type additional information about the content, or ask questions to the presenter.  I monitor the chat closely – but I have to say – when I have done this with my students – there is 100% engagement in the presentation and they handle the responsibility of being in the chat room well (it only takes one student to get kicked out and the rest shape up fast!).  They love it and its a great way to get the whole class involved in a presentation.

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