Edubuntu Logos Remix

Per request of a teacher doing a video assignment, I got the chance to play with UCK¬†(the Ubuntu Customization Kit) to remix the Edubuntu¬†flavor of Ubuntu we use at school. In it’s default configuration it’s quite capable, but is missing some decent multimedia software.

UCK was super simple to use.. once I got past a few dependency issues. Essentially, it would fail to write certain files midway through the process and die. To solve this I first installed UCK from the main ubuntu repositories, satisfying any dependencies and then downloaded the current version from the Sourceforge page. From there it was a pretty simple matter to re-arrange files, remove unnecessary software and language packs and put in the stuff I did want.

All in all I was able to pull the size down to just 2.2GB – and still support the main languages represented at our school: English, Korean and Khmer. While it’s probably not fully localized, it will hopefully provide a more friendly environment for non native English speakers.

This is only the first, quick version. There are a few, key pieces of software that I’d like to get on there. Even so, it’s a pretty neat start!