what? another post about passwords?

You’d think that I do nothing but mess people up by making them change their passwords. I actually make every effort to not mess people up while incrementally moving towards having a quality working environment.

I have noticed the particular pain that machine-generated random passwords impose on staff, particularly those who aren’t familiar with all the ‘special characters’. (Which is fair – if I didn’t use them every day I would have no idea where the | [pipe] key is on the keyboard). I’ve also noticed the brain-wracking caused by being forced to pick a new password with requirements of a certain length, capitalization or punctuation.

So, as an experiment in password generation I pulled a generous list of nouns and adjectives and cobbled together a  password generator that makes passwords like these:

  • tearful-berry
  • alleged*locket
  • pricey#government
  • previous.geese
  • uttermost_moon

Obviously random passwords of this length are far better than dictionary words. But, my hope is that these will at least not annoy staff in the interim – and potentially replace an extremely weak password that they’re already using.